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Do you feel nervous and embarrassed when you have to speak English?…


You’ve learned English at school for many years, but yet when you have talk to someone in English you get nervous and you freeze.


Have you ever had an experience like this? Millions of English learners across the globe have, including us.

We’ve all learned English at school for many years, yet in the real world we tend to have difficulties to speak English with confidence.

Why is that?

– Did we do something wrong at school?
– Are we just not talented enough?

Here’s the thing; at school we learn a lot of things about English. We learn the English alphabet, the grammar, and lots of vocabulary. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to become fluent in English you need something more…

Speaking English fluently requires knowledge about the language, but what actually matters most is the ability to use the things you know.

What we’re trying to say here is that you need to practice your English speaking skills, often, and consistently.

But getting a lot English practice isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t travel much or if you live somewhere where there are not many English speakers.

Hiring an English teacher in your town or online can be expensive. Language exchanges can take too much of your time and exchange partners often disappear after the first few meetings.

Surely there is a better way to become fluent in English…

Hi, we are Jan van der Aa and Lucas Bighetti and we’re the founders of 25 Minute English. A platform that allows you to practise your English with professional teachers, every day, for a very low fixed monthly fee.

We’ve both learned English as our first foreign language and it has literally changed our lives. Not only have we become fluent in English, we’ve also reached fluency in many other languages.

Now it’s our mission to help you become fluent in English so that you can communicate with people from all over the world on a personal level.

If you become a member of 25 Minute English, you will get the great opportunity to practise your English every day, for 25 minutes, with professional teachers.

Doing this will allow you to finally become fluent in English and to speak confidently with people from all over the world.

In just 25 minutes per day…

Why only 25 minutes?

The key to making progress is not to study as long as possible. It’s proven that humans learn faster if they practise in small chunks every day. Research also says that the attention span of most people is no longer than 20 minutes.

We’ve found the best tutors for you who will keep you motivated and make sure you learn to English with confidence, in a matter of months.

Just imagine, what your life would look like if you were fluent in English?

You could:

– Impress your boss, or even find a better job and increase your income
– Travel the world independently
– Make friends from other countries
– Date someone from another country
– Get access to all the information out there available in English

Whatever your motivation might be, this is an investment in yourself you won’t regret.

Traditional face-to-face English lessons cost hundreds of dollars per month and the results are often very average.

With 25 minutes English you now only pay a fixed fee of $99 per month, for private English lessons every day. That’s all!

And, if you sign up now you will get your first lesson for free!

So, are you ready to boost your English to the next level, become fluent and change your life? Then sign up now!

Welcome to 25min English!

Jan van der Aa
Lucas Bighetti

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